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Our Story

Ecomaat is a combination of the words “ecology” and “Ma’at”, the Egyptian goddess who represents harmony, balance and truth. As our name suggests, Ecomaat is committed to sustainable and green practices, and products that are honest, effective and pure.

Award winning products, superior quality.

Established in 2001, the company was created by the Krachmarov family. Since then, Ecomaat’s products have become renowned in Europe and Asia, winning top industry accolades, and recognized by beauty insiders for the brand’s superior quality.

Premium Bulgarian-grown roses.

Ecomaat is located in a secluded, mountainous region, home to the world’s finest blossoms. Roses have been cultivated here for centuries, where our gardens thrive due to the unique climate and terrain.

The terroir combined with the tradition of careful cultivation has produced the world’s highest quality roses, recognized for their superior fragrance and potency of active extracts.  

Uniquely natural, pure and effective.

Our premium Bulgarian-grown roses are handpicked at sunrise when the petals are covered in dew, to protect the essence’s nature and fragrance. The essence is then distilled using low temperature Supercritical CO2 Extraction, creating highly potent rose concentrations and active extracts. Ecomaat is the only company in the world to use this method of producing CO2 extracts from fresh organic Rosa Damascena and Rosa Alba, resulting in floral essences that are uniquely natural, pure and effective. 

the journey

Our Field to Your Bottle.

Ecomaat owns the entire production process, starting from growing the organic crops all the way to bottling. We ensure every step meets our rigorous in-house standards, yielding beauty products fresh from our farm that are highly potent and safe to use.

stage 1

Cultivating: green, sustainable and organic agriculture.

We carefully selected Mirkovo village as the location for our fields, chosen for the region’s ecological purity and high altitude. Ecomaat’s gardens are secluded to provide a natural defence against contamination and cross pollination. On 45 hectares of pristine land, we cultivate a variety of organic crops, including our signature Rosa Damascena and Rosa Alba cultivars.

Our green and sustainable agriculture practices preserve and protect the integrity of our crops, and in turn, our products. Our practices and products meet USDA’s and the EU’s organic standards.

stage 2

Harvesting: gathering lush, pink blossoms at sunrise.

The rose harvest begins in May, when our fields are bursting with lush, pink and fragrant flowers.

Each blossom is handpicked at dawn, when the petals are covered in dew and are at their peak freshness. Scientific research shows that sunrise harvests result in the highest quality of essential oil, confirming centuries of traditional practices. 

Approximately 1,500 Rosa Damascena blossoms are needed to make only 1 gram of essential oil. A seasoned flower picker can harvest around 15,000 blossoms a day. This is partly why Rosa Damascena essential oil is so precious, and is often referred to as “liquid gold”.

stage 3

Extracting: traditional techniques meet cutting-edge technology.

Immediately after the roses are harvested, they go to our distillery, right next to the fields. Essential oil extraction begins while the blossoms are at their peak, still fresh and fragrant.

We combine traditional know-how, with modern technology and innovation to optimize the power of the plants. We use both the classic steam distillation and cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction, to create best-in-class essential oils and plant extracts.

stage 4

Blending: creating harmony, integrity and purity.

Through quality control, we ensure that each product, from harvest to harvest, remains consistent. We blend by meticulously measuring the essential oil’s compositions to develop final formulas that reflect our values of harmony, integrity and purity.

stage 5

Bottling: preserving freshness and potency, in every drop.

Our finished products are bottled to prevent oxidization and to preserve maximum freshness and potency:

  • Medical grade glass: oxygen can’t permeate
  • Tinted glass: shields products from UV light
  • Bottling process: all oxygen is removed during sealing
  • Small quantity packaging: limit the amount of naturally occurring oxidization that happens once the bottles are opened for use

With all these combined efforts and fresh ingredients, every one of our products has a long shelf life without the use of additives or preservatives.

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