ECOMAAT = Ecology + Maat

A portrayal of Maat with a long ostrich feather fastened to her head

ECOMAAT believes that our world needs harmony, balance, and truth. We can make our planet a better place to live for ourselves and future generations by following the principles of ecology. Our values are represented by Maat, an Egyptian goddess. Our company logo depicts her ostrich feather that represents truth. ECOMAAT is committed to sustainable and green practices and offers products that are honest, effective, and pure.


We continue to receive international recognition for exceptional quality rose otto

Established in 2001, ECOMAAT was created by the Krachmarov family. ECOMAAT, award-winning Bulgarian rose otto producer, is a pioneer in cultivating organic Rosa Damascena in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, home to the world’s finest Rosa Damascena. ECOMAAT has become renowned in the food, pharmaceutical, skincare, and perfumery industries around the world.


We optimize the power of the plants by using revolutionary technology

Combining our experience with centuries of traditional knowledge, ECOMAAT uses classic steam distillation to produce exceptionally high-quality Bulgarian rose otto. Traditional steam distillation can yield pure extracts, but since it is operated at a very high temperature, the heat-sensitive bioactive compounds—such as vitamins, aromatic molecules, and active nutrients—are degraded or destroyed.

In order to retain the roses’ bioactive nutrients, ECOMAAT has been using the revolutionary supercritical CO2 extraction technology since the late 2000s to produce extracts from fresh roses.


We lead in technology

ECOMAAT stays updated with technology to produce better products. Although supercritical CO2 extraction technology has existed since the 1980s, we are the first and only Bulgarian company to adopt it for rose extracts.


Our production process meets the highest of quality standards

Committed to providing safe and high-quality products for your wellness, ECOMAAT owns the entire production process. We ensure that every step from growing crops to bottling meets the stringent international standards, including the USDA organic standard and the ISO 22000 international standard for food safety management.


We spread our love directly to the consumers

While we started as a rose otto supplier, ECOMAAT has created a few lines of consumer products selling worldwide. La Vie en Rose is one of the product lines under ECOMAAT, and each bottle is produced meticulously with love and care. We are happy that our repeat customers love the results of drinking our La Vie en Rose Drops. 

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