Recommended intake

For adults: 15 drops per serving

Add a serving of La Vie en Rose Drops to your cup of water (100+ mL or 3.4+ fl. oz.) to make your mood-boosting, nutrition-packed, hydrating drink. The drops instantly dissolve in water. Sip to boost your mood and nourish your skin from the inside out.

Drink it anytime you feel like it, but drinking 2–3 servings daily on an empty stomach is particularly effective. There are different times of day when you may find it most beneficial.


Morning hydration

After a long night’s sleep, the body needs hydration. Start the day right with tasty rose hydration. Consider it a pick-me-up before your morning coffee.


Midday boost

Only have two minutes to decompress on a hectic day or beat the afternoon slump? Try deep breathing with rose hydration. La Vie en Rose Drops perk you up with the fresh smell of roses.


Evening unwind

Want to drift off to sleep naturally at night? La Vie en Rose Drops will provide a good transition from a busy day to a calmer evening. Unwind with a cup of lovely, caffeine-free rose hydration to restore your sense of tranquility and channel your energy from stress to calm.


Served cold or hot

La Vie en Rose Drops can be mixed with other beverages, such as sparkling water, juice, tea, or coffee.

The bioactive phytonutrients in La Vie en Rose Drops are sensitive to heat. Mixing with a boiling hot beverage may decrease effectiveness. Let the hot beverage cool down for a few minutes (when it doesn't burn your tongue) before mixing.