Stress-relieving rose latte

How to Make an Amazing Rose Latte

There are different recipes for pink lattes. But for rose lattes, here is a good recipe that is natural, healthy, and easy.

All you need is...

A cup of milk, a serving of our La Vie en Rose Drops, a pinch of beetroot powder (about 1/4 teaspoon), and some rose petals to garnish (optional). 

What makes the rose latte pink

It is the rose extract that turns an ordinary latte into a delicious rose latte that smells and tastes amazing. But neither the rose extract nor the rose petals on their own will make the latte pink. To have that pretty pink color, we use beetroot powder. To finish up, garnish it with rose petals floating on top to make the eyes pop!

Beautiful and healthy

A rose latte is not just pretty, but it is also good for us when made from healthy ingredients. Both roses and beets have essential nutrients that our bodies need. What a beautiful, healthy beverage!


When the rose extract gets too hot, its scent evaporates and escapes into the air. To keep the beautiful floral scent in your latte, add the rose extract to the latte after it has cooled down a bit to a temperature that won't burn your tongue. 

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Modified from our Instagram post FEB 11, 2021