Rose Hydration: An Easy Health & Beauty Drink

Rose Hydration: An Easy Health & Beauty Drink

Does your work or family stress you out? Are you concerned stress will make you look old? Rose hydration can calm your mind, uplift your mood, and prevent premature aging.


The food you eat and the drinks you drink directly impact your health and mood. When the going gets tough, do you turn to comfort food, such as pizza and chocolate? But, too much high-calorie food may not be very good for your health. Consider a no-sugar, mood-boosting drink, such as rose hydration, as an alternative.


The fragrance and phytonutrients (plant nutrients) of rose can give you a sense of inner calmness and uplift your positivity, providing you with potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids your skin needs. Not to mention, roses just make a wonderful drink. Add pure rose extracts to your water, and you'll have a calming, emotionally uplifting, and age-defying rose hydration whenever you need it.


Benefits of Drinking Roses

Roses have been used in cooking and traditional medicine for thousands of years. They are known to offer numerous benefits, and some of these have been proven by science.


Calming & Emotionally Uplifting

The smell of roses really can bring a smile to your face! Science has shown inhaling the smell of rose extracts can calm anxiety and uplift the mind. The aroma of rose drinks can give you a balancing effect your mind needs.



Roses contain flavonoids which are phytonutrients (plant nutrients). Research has shown dietary flavonoids act as strong antioxidants clearing free radicals. Incorporating flavonoid-rich foods into your daily diet helps you stay healthy and prevent premature aging.



Roses are naturally caffeine-free. So, any time is a good time to drink a rose drink, even at night. You might consider rose drinks an alternative to a decaffeinated coffee.


Zero Sugar

Most roses taste flavorful, just like their smell. You don't need to add any sugar to your rose drinks. Rose drinks are suitable for all diets, even if you are on a vegan diet.


Which Roses are Edible?

All roses are edible. No matter what rose you choose, never use roses purchased from a florist for food or drinks. Although the roses you see in a florist look beautiful, they have been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals unsuitable for human consumption.


How to Select the Best Roses for Your Drinks?


Remember, the natural fragrance of rose petals makes a rose drink calming. You can follow your nose to choose the type of roses that calms and uplifts your mind most effectively. Although there are several thousand rose varieties, and each variety has its distinctive fragrance, only a few species have been used in traditional medicine, and they are the focus of numerous scientific research. For anti-anxiety and anti-depression, scientists have identified this species as a winner—Rosa Damascena.


Dark Colored

Dark-colored roses generally are higher in flavonoids.



Free of artificial chemicals, organic roses are considered better for health.



Fresh roses are fragrant and rich in phytonutrients. If you are picking roses from your garden, the best time to pick them is early in the day, ideally right after the morning dew has disappeared. Then use the petals for your drinks within a couple of hours before the petals lose their fragrance and phytonutrients. If you are using a rose extract, make sure it is made from fresh flowers.


What is the Best Recipe for Calming & Age-Defying Rose Drink?

There is rose hydration, rose tea, and rose petal tea. Their effects aren't the same. Rose hydration gives you the most calming and uplifting effects your mind needs.


Rose Hydration

Rose hydration is the easiest to make. This rose hydration recipe includes a delightful fragrance, dietary flavonoids, and plenty of bioavailable phytonutrients, more than you'd get from a rose petal tea. All you need is ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Drops and water. Add a serving of the drops to one cup of water. That's it. No stir is required. Inhale its aroma and drink it before your morning breakfast to start your day right. You'll feel so good, you might want to drink a couple more cups during the day.


Rose Tea

Rose teas, generally, are a blend of regular caffeinated tea with roses. When you are trying to cope with stress and anxiety, you may want to avoid caffeine because it can cause feelings of anxiety. If you are going caffeine-free, choose either rose hydration or rose petal tea.


Rose Petal Tea

Making your own rose petal tea from scratch is simple if you have plenty of fresh organic roses and the time to do it. But, rose petal tea is not as effective as rose hydration. Research has shown rose hydration has 30–50% higher antioxidant activity than rose petal tea. The difference is huge! The reason is boiling rose petals in water just cannot fully extract the phytonutrients from the petals.


The Best

The best way to extract the fragrance, flavonoids, and the other phytonutrients from roses is using a combination of steam distillation and a high-tech method called supercritcal CO2 extraction. Even though steeping rose petal tea can be a relaxing ritual, keep some ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Drops in your kitchen or in your bag for convenience. So you can have your calming, age-defying rose hydration whenever you need it.


Final Thoughts

We all have busy schedules, but don't let stress affect your health, beauty, and happiness. Incorporating this rose hydration recipe into your daily diet will help you feel centered, stay healthy, and look youthful.


Get Fancy with ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Drops

Sparkling Rose Hydration

Instead of carbonated water, try making sparkling rose hydration. Add a serving of ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Drops to a glass of chilled sparkling water. A delightful aroma just bursts out with the bubbles. This elegant drink is perfect for summer!


Rose Latte

Rose lattes look so beautiful! You can skip the coffee shop and make your own at home. Here is a good rose latte recipe that is natural, healthy, and easy. Impress your significant other and your friends with this lovely drink.


Rose Cake

You can use ECOMAAT La Vie en Rose Drops in cooking, too. Have you tried making a rose cake? Use this pure rose extract instead of an artificial rose flavor, and your rose cake will taste fabulous!


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