Nature can Make You Happier and Healthier

Nature can Make You Happier and Healthier

5 ways to connect with nature every single day in the summer!


Working from home or staying connected with friends and families on Zoom drive us to spend more time indoors and online. But for us to feel happier and stay healthier, we'd better unplug and get outside!

Numerous studies have shown that nature can make us happy and healthy. To enjoy the benefits, we don't have to go on a hike every single day. A recent study found that, for some people, it takes as little as 10 minutes in nature for the benefits to kick in.

This means we can simply shift certain daily activities to the outdoors, in order for us to have a dose of nature every day! Here are five suggestions for the summer:

1. Do outdoor yoga

Nature is the greatest source of Prana. Practicing yoga outdoors is an incredible experience.

2. Take a nap in the shade

Get over that afternoon slump with a quick nap in the backyard.

3. Enjoy alfresco dining

Hang up some lights, put on music, and have an outdoor dinner whenever the evening is dry and warm enough. 

4. Go camping in the backyard

Have fun with the kids and have story time outside.

5. Unwind with stargazing

Bring a blanket, kick back in a park with low light pollution, and gaze up at the stars. As you drench in awe of the starry sky, you feel more connected to nature.

Remember to stay hydrated especially in the hot summer months. Consider adding a serving of La Vie en Rose Drops to make you feel happier and look younger!

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