Happiness can be Cultivated

Happiness can be Cultivated

Happiness is such a complex notion that it's been studied for years, resulting in numerous incredible findings. Here are two scientific facts that you might want to know.

1. Only a portion of our happiness is inherited

While about half of our happiness is correlated to genetics, the other half is determined by the ups and downs in our everyday life, according to a study by the University of Minnesota. The study was performed on identical and fraternal twins raised together and twins reared apart. This research has shown that our happiness can be in our control. There is still plenty of room for happiness-boosting exercises, such as meditation, gratitude, forgiveness, relationships, and living in the present. We have the power to be happier!

2. Floral scents can make us happy

Ever hear people say, "Stop and smell the roses"? It might not be a bad idea. A study by Rutgers University was performed on three groups of participants. One group was exposed to flowers and floral scents; all the participants in this group had a heartfelt "true smile" (involving the mouth, cheeks, and eyes); and only this group had a 100% positive response. Smelling floral scents, such as roses, can make us happy. That seems like a simple enough way to boost our mood, if you ask us.

We can smell roses at work, as well as at home, any time we want

Did you know that each bottle of our La Vie en Rose Drops is packed with 18,000 fresh rose petals? The therapeutic aroma and healthy nutrients from the plant are meticulously retained in every step of the production process and air-sealed with a special technique in oxygenless glass bottles. Simply add a serving of La Vie en Rose Drops to water to make a lovely, cool rose beverage. Free of artificial additives, our rose drops smell of fresh roses, which are so heavenly that they can bring a smile to your face! Sip and inhale deeply. Feeling happier might be just a sip away.


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